The Natural Wine Co - Information

Subject: The Natural Wine Co - Information
Date: July 27th 2014

Hi all, as you know we have now lauched our 2014 wines under The Natural Wine Co range -

TNWC Chardonnay - Gisborne

TNWC Sauvignon Blanc - Marlborough

TNWC Pinot Gris - Gisborne/Nelson (release in August)

TNWC Rose - Gisborne (release October)

TNWC Gewurztraminer (release October)

As you can see with the 2014 wines we have changed our sponsorship to a Gisborne Trust, known as Womens Native Tree Project. They have been operating in Gisborne for over 20 years. They grow native trees from seed in there own nursery and donate them to reserves, community groups and schools in the Gisborne area. They also go back to the trees and keep them weeded and maintain them - they actually care about them - which is great.

I have attached another A4 sheet which contains this updated information for you. If you can print out and use this one to replace the existing flyer would be appreciated.TNWC Chard 2014

The 2014 chardonnay is a lower alcohol style - why? It is picked not as ripe as normal chardonnay, therefore less alcohol onbtained from the fermentation from the grape juice, due to less sugars. In doing this, it is a little bit lighter, but fresher with the acidiity. It has some residual sugar. You could refer to it as an unoaked lighter style.

In regards to the alcohol, my thoughts is let people know if you think they are in to this. Otherwise don't tell them.Llet me know how you get on with this wine - appreciated. Your thoughts etc...

As we role out the new wines, you will find some stores have some of the 2014 and some don't. We will try and post on the calendar when you are tasting the 2014 wines, we might stuff up here, so just be ready. Over the next month, expect the calendar to start to fill out again as we come to spring. so do check it at the beginning of the week. Any tastings in that week which we put up we will notify you with an email.

If you are tasting the 2014 SB when selling the 2013 versa - don't worry these are pretty much the same style, with the 2014 having a slight bit of resigual sugar.

The PG 2014 is not released yet, probably around the 15th August, we will keep you posted.

I have a sales trip planned in August so will be visiting Wellington/ChCH/Auckland this August, so look forward to catching up with you all and seeing how you are all going.

Just remember at tastings you are there to promote our wines and our brand. Trying to get people to remember our product, so do mention our name - The Natural Wine Co, show them the label. Also mention Wrights Vineyard and Winery - the owner of the wine brand and maker - based in Gisborne. You generally only have the first 10 seconds to sell them the wine or make a lasting impression - so a catch phase normally helps here.

ie Come try something new and exciting or I see you are looking for a SB, why not try this one.

Thanks again for your support, we do really appreciate your help with growing our business. If you ever come up with an idea or thought you wish to share, please let us know.

We have a new taster in Chrishchurch Courtney - which is exciting. Sad to say Luis and Luisa, who have been with us for over a year have some other work, although we hope to get them to do the odd tasting for us.

Cheers to you all,


Geoff, Nic and the family.


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