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Wines on Promotion - Natural Wine Co & Wrights

April 2nd 2018

Wines on Promotion - Natural Wine Co & Wrights ---------------------------------------------- Hi Ours wines are now on Promotion with the Natural Wine Co range 2 for $30 or $16.99 each - running till the 16th April. Our Wrights Estate Chardonnay and Reserve Chardonnay is on promotion from the 9th April to the 30th April. If you can ensure the wines are well stocked during this period to ensure not to miss any possible sales. During this period we will also be contacting stores in Auc ...Continue Reading

Gisborne News & Wine Deals

Wrights local newsletter, keeping locals informed about our cellar door events and farmer market appearances.

Cellar Door Open over Easter Weekend

March 23rd 2018

Wrights Cellar Door Open Over Easter ------------------------------------ Hi Our Cellar Door is Open over Easter – Saturday Live Music, Sunday Easter Egg Hunt, Monday Sourdough Workshop and of course we have our gourmet pizzas and organic wines available – so come on out and have some fun. We will be open from 11am-4pm, Sat, Sun & Mon. We will also be at the Farmers Market this Saturday and over Easter. During next week we will also be giving away a few pizza's on our facebook page - ...Continue Reading

Henrys Stores

Promotional offer to Henry's Stores

Organic Wines - Natural Wine Co Pinot Noir below $20 Retail

October 8th 2015

Organic Wines - Natural Wine Co Pinot Noir below $20 Retail \[\-\-xUNPyVcoDM_TMPbackgroundDM_TMPxUNPyVco\-\-\] \[\-\-xUNPyVcoDM_TMPinner colorDM_TMPxUNPyVco\-\-\] Wrights Vineyard & Winery \[\-\-xUNPyVcoDM_TMP CONTENT GOES HERE DM_TMPxUNPyVco\-\-\] Wrights Vineyard - Again Releases Popular Organic Pinot Noir ============================================================ Hi We have recently been in touch about our great quality, great value, organic wines. Situated in the amazing ...Continue Reading


News Flash from Wrights Vineyard and Winery, Gisborne, New Zealand

Winery Finalist in The East Coast Ballance Farm Environment Awards

February 1st 2017

Winery Finalist in The East Coast Ballance Farm Environment Awards Two in East Coast Ballance Farm Environment Awards -------------------------------------------------- Hi We are excited to be one of the regional finalists in the East Coast Ballance Farm Environment Awards, which was announced today. I have attached some of the article below - if you are interested in following up with us on our winery business in Gisborne, please contact us direct below. The competition has been running s ...Continue Reading

News Wrights Vineyard & Winery

Information on Wrights Vineyard and Winery

News from Wrights Vineyard & Winery

January 8th 2018

New Branded Wrights Estate Chardonnay 2017 ------------------------------------------ Hi Happy New Year from us at Wrights Vineyard and Winery. We have some exciting news about our Wrights Estate Chardonnay 2017 We have redesigned our Wrights label. Our goal here is Wrights Estate Chardonnay 2017to connect our philosphy/story and communicate this to the customer. Our new logo represents our family business principles - being a family business with five young boys - we thought it was real ...Continue Reading

NZ Distributors

NZ Distributors

Online Wine Deals

Wrights Vineyard and Winery public newsletter.

Dare to Grab a Deal

April 12th 2018

Dare to Grab a Deal ------------------- Hi Spooky Friday 13th is nearly upon us – here is your chance to grab a fantastic wine deal and its not an April Fools Joke! Geoff Wright & Pinot Noir GrapesYes we have our award winning Natural Wine Co Pinot Gris and Natural Wine Co Chardonnay case deal (12 bottles) for $160 – [1]Here is the Link (click on Me) to take you to our online ordering page. Any problems with ordering just drop us an email info@PROTECTED and we can do it manuall ...Continue Reading

Product Information - Wrights Vineyard & Winery

Product updates on Wrights & Natural Wine Co range of organic wines from Gisborne.


wrights Vineyard and Winery newsletter

Hamilton Fine Food Show - Special Offer Organic Wines

May 17th 2016

Hamilton Fine Food Show - Special Offer Organic Wines \[\-\-AiAoveuxDM_TMPbackgroundDM_TMPAiAoveux\-\-\] \[\-\-AiAoveuxDM_TMPinner colorDM_TMPAiAoveux\-\-\] Wrights Vineyard & Winery \[\-\-AiAoveuxDM_TMP CONTENT GOES HERE DM_TMPAiAoveux\-\-\] 25% Off our Organic Wines ========================= Hi Thanks for dropping by our stand at the Hamilton Fine Food Show the other day. This week we have been busy harvesting our organic olives for our olive oil. Just a quick email – ...Continue Reading


Wine Tasters

Wine Tasting Calendar Updated

August 11th 2014

Wine Tasting Calendar Updated Hi all, I have just updated the tasting calendar, so please have a look at it, so you know where you are tasting at over the next few weeks. We will be pencilling in more tastings at stores as it begins to warm up. Goodluck with your tastings, remember you are our brand ambassidors out there, so anything we can do to help let us know. If you find you ar going to the same stores and would like a change also let us know. My little tip - is always show the ...Continue Reading

Trade WIne Promotions

Wrights Trade news is our trade customers newsletter, about new products, new releases, trade deals and pricing.

Sold Out Natural Wine Co Pinot Noir 2017

March 21st 2018

Sold Out - Natural Wine Co Pinot Noir ------------------------------------- Hi We are just letting you know our Natural Wine Co Pinot Noir 2017 has now sold out. We hope to have our new release ready later in the year - sorry for any inconvenience. Customers seem to be catching on to our organic wines and they have been rocketing out over the last 6 months. winesAt present in our organic range is Natural Wine Co Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc and Rose. Our Sauvignon ...Continue Reading