Natural Wine Co Range of Organic Wines

From: "FSSI Owners" <geoff@PROTECTED>
Subject: Natural Wine Co Range of Organic Wines
Date: July 15th 2019

New Ranging – Certified Organic Natural Wine Co Wines

Good Morning  

Our Pinot Noir is back in stock this week and aim to have it at DC for ordering next week.

We contacted you last week in regards to our change in ranging to B and with out Natural Wine Co Wines been in the DC. We are contacting you as the owner of the store to let you know this. Please forward to the appropriate personnel in your business.

We do intend to phone your store, as we now have our complete range available and then make a visit in person as required. Our vision is to produce NZ’s organic wine by choice to supermarkets. We have been selling our Certified Organic range into Foodstuffs SI and NI since 2012. We are a highly motivated supplier, keen to work with stores on promotions from instore displays, tastings and scan backs.

Our Supplier Number is 103262 Wrights Vineyard and Winery and the Article numbers for our organic range is as follows -

Natural Wine Co Range

Highly Recommended – B Ranged
Natural Wine Co Chardonnay #3240229
Natural Wine Co Pinot Gris #3240230
Natural Wine Co Pinot Rose #32484192
Natural Wine Co Sauvignon Blanc #3237645
Natural Wine Co Pinot Noir #3237646

Foodstuffs Head Office have confirmed that 'Organics’ is a significant growing market overseas and in NZ. We are committed on quality first, as we know the importance to build repeat customers and a trusted brand. Our Natural Wine Co range is Certified Organic through AsureQuality, it mentions the word ‘Organic’ on the front label and has the certification logo on the back. All our wines have been reviewed with 4 or more stars and we try and put this sticker on the front label.

Our range is at Head Office, apart from our Pinot Noir which will be shipped next week to DC and then available to purchase from there.

We are planning a sales trip to the South Island at the end of this month. Please let us know if you require a visit from us and whom the contact person is or if you require further information on our organic range.

Our contact details are Geoff Wright - geoff@PROTECTED or 027 656 8222.

Geoff & Nicola Wright
Home of Natural Wine Co
info@PROTECTED (06) 862 5335, 027 656 8222

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