Brace yourselves, less than 6 weeks to Christmas!

From: "Product Updates and Promotions" <>
Subject: Brace yourselves, less than 6 weeks to Christmas!
Date: November 13th 2017

Pricing & Stock – Natural Wine Co


Last week was a great whirlwind trip through some of our Auckland stores. With the silly season knocking at our door, we are keen to ensure all stores are topped up with stock and running regular promotions. It would be great if you could snoop around and check promotions are loaded and the shelves are full of the Natural Wine Co range and Wrights Chardonnay. Let's keep the discerning shoppers happy!

Natural Wine Co Chardonnay 2016

We all know that few wines get consumer traction without promotion. If you can help us in this important time, ensuring our wines are loaded on instore promotional pricing, much appreciated. This time of year some customers like to purchase some of the boutique wines or wines that have a good point of difference for gifts and drinking. Organic wines like ours make a great gift.

A quick online and physical stock check will also make Santa smile.

With Summer on the breeze, promising BBQs, beach trips and good times with friends and family, don't forget to stock up on Natural Wine Co Rose. Demand is hot for this SKU right now (Article #3284192, SAP 5086513). Our other varieties are in good supply too - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer & Sauvignon Blanc.

Other chatter from this side of the Island – we have been updating our Wrights Estate Chardonnay range (SAP 5086512), with a new vibrant wine label. Now representing a true celebration of our winemaking heritage and the stunning opportunities New Zealand has to offer. Hitting shelves soon! We will send through an updated image next week.

And just in case you missed it ….the Wrights Reserve Chardonnay 2015 was recently crowned Top 5 Chardonnay in Cuisine and awarded 5 stars. The bling is on the bottle.


Geoff & Nicola Wright
Home of Natural Wine Co (06) 862 5335, 027 656 8222

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