Fastest Moving Organic Wine Brand

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Subject: Fastest Moving Organic Wine Brand
Date: March 3rd 2020

Natural Wine Co Organic Wine Range


Rumour has it Natural Wine Co is the fastest moving organic wine brand on the Supermarket shelves!! Our range is available direct from DC. Our vendor number is 103262.

Natural Wine Co RangeOur Full range Article Numbers are -

Natural Wine Co Pinot Gris (Article 3240230, 9421015052227)

Natural Wine Co Chardonnay (Article 3240229, 9421015050230)

Natural Wine Co Pinot Noir (Article 3237646, 9421015050155)

Natural Wine Co Sauvignon Blanc ( Article 3237645, 9421015050414)

Natural Wine Co Pinot Rose ( Article 3284192, 9421015050193)

Statistics released on New Years' Eve, by the New Zealand Herald show a 45 percent lift in naturally produced, or organic wines, over the past 12 months alone. Figures for the same period for the traditional wine market illustrate that it is flat at less than 3 % growth. 1 out of every 20 bottles of wine now sold is organic, truly sustainable or vegan. This is only set to grow.

The drive for low-sulphite wines continue. Organic wines are low-sulphite wines by definition and ours are certified organic, biodynamic and also vegan.

Millennials are now leading the charge in liquor buying. They are the purchasers of products that align with their health and environmental philosophies. Millennials are still price conscious, we work with scan backs to ensure instore specials are there to greet your shoppers.

In Dunedin and Christchurch, we have Wine Ambassadors to conduct instore tastings and help to educate more customers about our wines.

For any enquiries contact Geoff 027 656 8222 or email info@PROTECTED. Keep in touch.

Geoff & Nicola Wright
Home of Natural Wine Co
info@PROTECTED (06) 862 5335, 027 656 8222

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