Hardest Working Wine Family in New Zealand (Bob Campbell, MW)

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Subject: Hardest Working Wine Family in New Zealand (Bob Campbell, MW)
Date: June 9th 2016
Wrights Vineyard & Winery

Gisborne Chardonnay Capital of New Zealand


Welcome to our first quarterly update on our business, new vintage releases and accolades. We hope to inspire you with current, exciting information on our wine portfolio.

Just last week, our Wrights Late Harvest Semillon 2015 was crowned the best Dessert wine at the Gisborne Wine Awards. A fantastic endorsement on top of 5 out of 5 star award from Sam Kim and 4 ½ stars from Raymond Chan. It is exciting to offer this wine to the market, made in a beautiful botrytised style balanced with acidity and residual sugar of 220 grams per litre. A must for any wine cellar.

The icing on the cake, with our organic wines receiving many accolades in the last year. Prospects for the 2016 vintage look great. The much anticipated release of some of these wines is this month! The 2016 vintage was a stunner for us, heralding ripe fruit with good acidity.

Wrights Late Harvest Semillon Winery

In the winery, we are busy fine tuning our signature styles and closely monitoring the ferments. We have some good volume on Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Nationally, these wines are in great demand.

Gisborne has long been heralded as the Chardonnay Capital of New Zealand. We are releasing three styles in celebration of this title – A fruit driven style, with minimal oak influence. Secondly, a wine packed with peach and citrus notes, balanced with oak influence. Finally, our reserve range of chardonnay, which is the popular traditional big, buttery style.

The Pinot Noir is looking very drinkable already!! Showing a natural richness and sweetness on the palate – we are working hard to soften the tannins naturally, balancing this with lovely fruit and oak influence.

Our Natural Wine Co Sauvignon Blanc has sold out – lucky for our NZ stores we are aiming to release the 2016 vintage later this month. This style is made from Gisborne grapes. A more balanced style, much sort after on the market as an alternative to the Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs.

We think we have got the Natural Wine Co Chardonnay blend nearly perfected, our previous releases have all sold out. We are releasing a new one this week. A pleasant wine, packed with fruit, balanced with acidity and plenty of oak influence.


In the vineyard, we are busy pruning our vines. As always we are looking at ways to help us craft the finest wine. Our philosophy is that a great wine is made in the vineyard. This has lead us to move away from tying down the traditional 3-4 canes. We are now only tying down 2 canes. This will reduce our tonnage from this vineyard, but ensure our fruit is riper at harvest and has more concentrated flavours.

We have a total of three vineyards in two appellations. Our high end chardonnay is grown in the Ormond Valley Appellation – an ideal climate for this grape. We are the exclusive grower in this appellation. It offers the coolest night temperatures and hottest days temperatures in Gisborne – a unique, intense climate. The vineyards are surrounded by limestore hills. The chardonnay produced from here goes into our Wrights Reserve Chardonnay – big style, lovely acidity, fruit and weight texture.


We are excited to have our Coastal Vineyard now fully certified organic. It is a three year process, but an addition to our portfolio. There is so much to learn about organics. Last year we purchased our own Dexter cows, increasing the diversity in our vineyards and providing our own organic manure for the vineyards and our biodynamic preparations.

Wrights Cellar Door Brand Growth

Nationwide we are being recognised as the producer of the most afforadable organic wine for the everyday consumer. It is exciting to have this recognition and to bring wine drinkers a brand with a difference (and a conscience!).


Demand for our wines has lead to producing affordable and premium wines. Both the Wrights and Natural Wine Co range have two tiers available – Reserve and Classic.

Something of interest for anyone's portfolio - Wrights Fume Blanc, was awarded 5 out of 5 stars from Raymond Chan, NZ's first 'orange wine' to be awarded this accolade. To fill you in it was made from our Sauvignon Blanc grapes, fermented on skins for 30 days. The wine was oxidised while on skins to blow away the typical up front sauvignon blanc flavours. The wine was then aged in barrel for a further 9 months. A quite intense savoury wine, with smokey aroma's and undertones of tropical fruits, with an intense orange colour.

Another wine in our portfolio which we are very proud of is our Natural Wine Co Gewurztraminer 2015, just recently it was awarded 4 out of 5 stars and received a bronze from a wine competition. The wine is produced from the oldest Gewurztraminer vines in NZ, over 30 years old. This style we aim for a medium style, with typical variety flavour. It has lovely gewurztraminer phenolics on the palate.

If you would like any other information or to work with us, please call, email or wechat (WrightsVineyard). Out of interest we have released several U tube video's about our wines and vineyards - www.youtube.com/c/WrightsVineyardWinery

We trust you find these news bites informative and tempting.

Geoff & Nicola Wright
Home of Natural Wine Co
info@PROTECTED (06) 862 5335, 027 656 8222



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